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Microscope Prepared Slide Set, 100 slides, PS100C
This is a 100-piece very nice microscope prepared slide set of various plants, insects and animal tissues. The slides are coverslipped and preserved in cedar wood oil. They are premium, accurately stained and machine cleaned slides that will give a sharp image. All slides are carefully labeled for easy reference and are arranged in a fine crafted varnished wooden case with brass hardware. This slide set is a rare mix of 100 prepared slides from which students can find a lot of fun. This slide set is excellent for educational use and is perfect for all levels of student study including home school program. It is brand new from the manufacturer instead of seconds or salvage. There is no risk of contamination from previous use. Its retail value is $239. Features & Specifications: 100 PC Glass Prepared Slides. Name Marked on Each Slide. Two Hard Wood Slide Cases Included. Manufactured Under ISO 9001 Quality Control Standard. Unbeatable Low Price Guaranteed or the Difference Back! Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back! Weight: 3 lbs. Slides Included: - Three Types of Bacteria - Penicillium, W.M. - Aspergillus, W.M. - Phizopus Sporngia, W.M. - Actinomyces, W.M. - Yeast, W.M. - Chlamydomonas, W.M. - Diatoms, W.M. - Volvox, W.M. - Cladophora, W.M. - Spirogyra, W.M. - Spirogyra Conjugation, W.M. - Lichenrons Ox Sec - Fern Leaf, Sec - Fern Prothallium with Young Sporophyte, W.M. - Pine Leaf, C.S. - Rosebay Stem, C.S. - Rosebay, Ltaf, C.S. - Poplar Stem, C.S. - Willow Stem, C.S. - Corn Stem, C.S. - Ginkgo Steem, C.S. - Ginkgo Leaf, C.S. - Fava Root, C.S. - Potato, Sec - Corn Root Tip, L.S. - Corn Root, C.S. - Fiald Mint Leaf, C.S. - Triticum Seed Endosperm, L.S. - Cucurbits Stem, C.S. - Cucurbits Stem, L.S. - Helianthus Stem, C.S. - Fava Stem, C.S. - Hydirlla Stem Tip, L.S. - Basswood Stem, C.S. - Basswood Stem, L.S. - Field Mint Stem, C.S. - Pittosporum Leaf, C.S. - Ligustrum Leaf, C.S. - Fava Leaf, C.S. - Helianthus Leaf, C.S. - Rubber Leaf, C.S. - Vicia Dicot Leaf, W.M. - Wheat Leaf, C.S. - Corn Stem, L.S. - Allium Seale Epidermis, W.M. - Leaf of Winter Jasmine, C.S. - Spinach Leaf, C.S. - Pollen Germination, W.M. - Cron Seed With Endosperm, L.S. - Stone Cells Sec Tion - Plasmodesma, Sec - Sugarcane Leaf, C.S. - Potato Leaf, C.S. - Earthworm, C.S. - Cotton Leaf, C.S. - Closterium Sp, W.M. - Microcystis Aeruginosa, W.M. - Porphyridium Sp, W.M. - Euglena, W.M. - Paramecium, W.M. - Hydra, C.S. - Hydra, L.S. - Planaria, C.S. - Ascaris Female, C.S. - Ascaris Male, C.S. - Ascaris Egg, W.M. - Daphni Sp, W.M. - Rotifer, W.M. - Mosquite Mouth Parts, W.M. - Mosquite Leaf, W.M. - Mosquite With, W.M. - Butterfly Wing, W.M. - Honey Bee Wing, W.M. - Honey Bee Hind Leg, W.M. - Musca Leg, W.M. - Ant, W.M. - Skin of Frog, W.M. - Blood Smear, Human - Blood Chicken Smear - Blood Fish Smear - Blood Pigeon Smear - Erog Egg, Sec - Frog Egg, Cleavage Stage, Sec - Squamous Epithelium Smear - Ciliated Epithelium, Sec - Sinple Flat Epithrlium, W.M. - Stratified Flat Epithelium, Sec - Small Lntestine, C.S. - Gallbladder, Sec - Dense Bone, Sec - Loose Connective Tissue, W.M. - Tendon Dog Sec - Skeletal Muscle, L.S., C.S. - Smooth Muscle Teased Preparation - Spinal Cord, C.S. (Silver Impyegnated) - Cardiac Muscle, Sec - Motor Neurous Cells, W.M. - Lymph Node, Sec - Letter "e", W.M.

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Product Code: PS100C

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