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Microscope Prepared Slide Set, 100 slides, PS100B
This is a 100-piece very nice microscope prepared slide set of various plants, insects and animal tissues. The slides are coverslipped and preserved in cedar wood oil. They are premium, accurately stained and machine cleaned slides that will give a sharp image. All slides are carefully labeled for easy reference and are arranged in a fine crafted varnished wooden case with brass hardware. This slide set is a rare mix of 100 prepared slides from which students can find a lot of fun. This slide set is excellent for educational use and is perfect for all levels of student study including home school program. It is brand new from the manufacturer instead of seconds or salvage. There is no risk of contamination from previous use. Its retail value is $239. Features & Specifications: 100 PC Glass Prepared Slides. Name Marked on Each Slide. Two Hard Wood Slide Cases Included. Manufactured Under ISO 9001 Quality Control Standard. Unbeatable Low Price Guaranteed or the Difference Back! Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back! Weight: 3 lbs. Slides Included: - Human Cell Mucous Membrane (smear) - Frog Epidermis Cell (section) - Dog Squamous Epithelium (whole mount) - Paramecium (whole mount) - Hydra (cross section) - Earthworm (cross section) - Daphnia (whole mount) - Mosquito Larva (whole mount) - Mosquito Mouth Parts (whole mount) - Housebee Mouth Parts (whole mount) - Housefly Mouth Parts (whole mount) - Honeybee Worker Leg-Composite (whole mount) - Mosquito Wings (whole mount) - Butterfly Wing Scales (whole mount) - Dragonfly Wings (whole mount) - Honeybee Wings (whole mount) - Housefly Compound Eye (whole mount) - Honeybee Compound Eye (whole mount) - Dragonfly Compound Eye (whole mount) - Dog Esophagus (cross section) - Dog Small Intestine (section) - Dog Stomach (section) - Dog Duodenum (cross section) - Dog Jejunum (cross section) - Dog Ileum (cross section) - Dog Rectum (cross section) - Dog Spleen (section) - Dog Pancreas (section) - Pig Gall Bladder (section) - Rabbit Artery & Vein (cross section) - Rabbit Arteriole (cross section) - Human Blood (smear) - Frog Blood (smear) - Fish Blood (smear) - Rabbit Lymph Node (section) - Dog Trachea (cross section) - Dog Ureter (cross section) - Human Skin Sweat Gland (section) - Human Hair (whole mount) - Feather (whole mount) - Fish Scales (whole mount) - Rabbit Hyaline Cartilage (section) - Dog Skeletal Muscle (longitudinal section) & (cross section) - Dog Smooth Muscle (longitudinal section) & (cross section) - Dog Cardiac Muscle (longitudinal section) - Pig Motor Nerve (whole mount) - Rabbit Spinal Cord (cross section) - Dog Taste Buds (section) - Rabbit Testis (section) - Human Spermatozoa (smear) - Onion Epidermis (whole mount) - Hydrilla Verticillata Leaf (whole mount) - Rhoeo Disolor Leaf (whole mount) - Ipomoea Root (whole mount) - Tomato Flesh (whole mount) - Pome Sclereid (whole mount) - Mitosis - Onion Root Tip (longitudinal section) - Meiosis - Lillium Pollen (u.m.) - Root-Meristem (longitudinal section) - Stem-Collenchyma (cross section) - Stem-Parenchyma (cross section) - Stem - Sclerenechyma (cross section) - Stem-Tracheid (longitudinal section) - Mixed Bacteria (smear) - Coccus (smear) - Bacillus (smear) - Spirillium (smear) - Rhizopus (whole mount) - Penicillium (whole mount) - Yeast-Budding (whole mount) - Coprinus Mushroom Set (cross section) - Chlamydomonas (whole mount) - Volox (whole mount) - Spirogyra Conjugation (whole mount) - Euglena (whole mount) - Marchantia Mature Saprophyte (longitudinal section) - Fern, Leaf-Sorus (whole mount) - Fern Porthallia (whole mount) - Fern Prothallia and Sporangia (whole mount) - Pine Root (cross section) - Pine Stem (cross section) - Pine Leaf (cross section) - Pine Young Staminate, Cone (longitudinal section) - Zea Root, Tip (longitudinal section) - Zea Root (cross section) - Zea Stem (longitudinal section) - Cucurbita Stem (longitudinal section) - Zea Stem (cross section) - Rice Stem (cross section) - Sunflower Stem (cross section) - Pumpkin Stem (cross section) - Tilia Stem (cross section) - Terminal Bud Stem (longitudinal section) - Poa Leaf (cross section) - Ipomoea Leaf (cross section) - Stomata-Vicia Faba Leaf (whole mount) - Lillium Ovary (cross section) - Lillium Anther (cross section) - Pollen Germ (whole mount) - Zea Seed (longitudinal section

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Product Code: PS100B

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