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FUEL CELL CAR AND EXPERIMENT KIT Get students thinking about the next generation of energy-a source that is highly efficient with low or zero emissions. Use this kit to build a model car that actually runs on water! First, add water and watch it separate into hydrogen and oxygen. Then, use those stored gases to power your vehicle across the floor. It is widely believed that fuel cells will power automobiles and many electronic devices, including laptops and cell phones in the near future. Using more than 30 experiments and demonstrations, learn how a reversible fuel cell works to perform electrolysis as well as to create energy. The electricity required to activate electrolysis is created with a large solar cell included with the kit. During electrolysis, water is separated into hydrogen and oxygen and the resulting energy is stored as a gas. When needed, the gas is fed into the fuel cell which then serves as the power source. The 96-page, full color manual describes 30 experiments. For ages 12 and up.

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