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Butterfly Farm Monarch and Painted Lady rearing kit with certificate, BF400
Compare the life cycles of the monarch and Painted Lady Butterfly. Grow a milkweed plant and study the interaction and development of plant and the monarch buttterfly. Kit includes one certificate for 3-6 monarch larvae and 3-6 Painted lady larvae. Watch monarch larvae grow into beautiful 4 inch butterflies. Witness the monarch caterpillar transform into a beautiful jade green chrysalis (10 days) and later emerge as a butterfly! The kit includes certificate for 3-6 Monarch larvae (2-3 day Priority Mail shipping included), artificial monarch diet or milkweed leaves, feeding cups, rearing cage, larvae brush, forceps, butterfly feeding kit (pictured feeder not included), pop-up observation, emergence, and breeding cage, milkweed seeds (you must first grow or obtain a milkweed plant - cat. no. BF100A) before mailing in the live material certificate), monarch lifecycle chart, and complete instructions. Watch painted lady caterpillars grow into beautiful orange and black butterflies. Witness the caterpillar's transition as it grows into a golden brown chrysalis (7 days) and later emerges as a Painted Lady butterfly. The kit includes certificate for 3-6 Painted Lady larvae(2-3 day air shipping included), artificial diet, rearing cups, larvae brush, feeding kit, observation, emergence, and breeding tent, and complete instructions. Excellent for young children as the Painted Lady caterpillars require very little care. Ages 6 and up. Recommended optional cages: Pop-Up Butterfly Terrarium LH30(flight cage) or LH175(breeding cage), as seen on our home page Note: Pictured feeder not included.

Sale Price: $ Each
Product Code: BF400


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