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Painted Lady Classroom Breeding Kit, Certificate for 70 larvae, food, 60 cups, PLKB100
This popular kit was designed for the classroom. Rear painted lady larvae into beatiful butterflies (14 days), breed them (3-4 days) and then rear second generation caterpillars (3-4 days)! Note: This is a certificate (mail-in) for the live material when required at a later date. For immediate shipment of the live material order the PC33A (ship ASAP). The kit includes certificate for 60-70 Painted Lady larvae with instant easy to use microwave food, 60 rearing cups and lids, forceps(2), butterfly feeding kits(2), Hollyhock seeds, Butterfy Cage, Painted Lady lifecycle chart, and breeding manual. Excellent for the classroom or do it your self butterfly releases, birthday parties, or special events! Ages 4 and up

Sale Price: $ Each
Product Code: PLKB100

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