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Painted Lady Instant Microwave Artificial Diet, 50g ( AD204)
The Painted Lady Instant Microwave artificial diet (small package (patent pending), feeds over 50 larvae. The quick (prepare in five minutes) and easy to use (microwaveable) diet offers many advantages (contains a superabsorbent polymer) over agar (jello-like) and cellulose based (cookie dough) diets. After a few minutes in the microwave the sterilized diet can be spread with a butter knife along the sides of rearing cups. On cooling the diet forms an irregular dense green leaf-like dry surface (unlike agar and cellulose based diets) that is ideal for hatching eggs, feeding larvae, and mass rearing. The diet contains a superabsorbent polymer that controls (absorbs excess moisture) and regulates the humidity in the rearing cup. Larvae require less than 1g (dry weight) to pupate (better feed conversion) and produce less (smaller) frass than conventional diets, offering moisture and microorganism control. Added benefits include special anti-oxidants(preserve vitamins), and mold inhibitors, which extend the useful life of the prepared diet making mass rearing in shoe boxes possible thereby increasing production while decreasing labor cost. Unused prepared diet can be stored in the refrigerator and conveniently melted in the microwave when needed.

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Product Code: AD204

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