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Butterfly Farm Mini-Greenhouse Seed Starter System with professional soil, GH 72
The Butterfly Farm Mini-Greenhouse Seed Starter System makes seed germination and plug development a snap. The system allows you to start your favorite butterfly host plants indoors or in the Butterfly Farm portable greenhouse (GH 1000), for earlier butterfly host and food plant crops at a fraction of the cost of buying plants. Using this system, seedlings grow to a uniform height and width, in the form of a plug, which is then transplanted as the seedling matures into a 4, quart, one, and five gallon containers. The seed starter system includes a plastic base unit with 72 individual growing wells, professional soil (growing media), and a clear plastic dome, so your seeds receive before and after germination the perfect combination of humidity, light and heat. Simply wet growing media, add three seeds per well and finally cover seeds with a thin layer of growing media. Butterfly host plant seeds can be found under the category Butterfly Host Plants and Seeds.

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Product Code: GH72

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