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Monarch & Milkweed Plant Growing Kit (Plant and Larvae Certificate) - Packaged in Butterfly Farm Box) (MGK100)
Watch monarch larvae grow as they feed on a milkweed plant. Explore the interaction of plant and butterfly. Includes one mail in certificate for milkweed plant, plastic observatory with lid, and 1-3 monarch larvae with artificial diet or milkweed leaves, larvae brush, forceps, feeding kit, milkweed seeds, and complete instructions.(Packaged in retail Butterfly Farm box) Grow milkweed plants from seeds to mature plants, and when ready, mail in certificate for monarch larvae and mature milkweed plant. Either Eastern or Western monarch larvae, depending on your location, will be shipped by our associate breeders. Recommended optional cages: Pop-Up Butterfly Terrarium LH30(flight cage) or LH175(breeding cage), as seen on our home page.

Sale Price: $ Each
Product Code: MGK100

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