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Raise Your Own Praying Mantises Kit, PM1000
Raise Your Own Praying Mantises and learn about the life cycle of a fascinating insect with this kit. Instructions and activities are outlined in an informative book along with order details for praying mantis egg cases. Once the eggs arrive, you watch them hatch into nymphs, and grow into adult mantises, who may even reproduce. A net habitat safely houses the praying mantises once they are full grown; there you can use the pipette to provide them with water. A magnifier is also provided for viewing in more detail and some padded tweezers allow you to safely lift the mantises out of their habitat. Note; Live insects are not included; order details are provided for mantis egg cases. Certificates for Praying Mantis egg cases are available from Educational Science (Cat. No. PM1001)

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Product Code: PM1000

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