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Insect Rearing Supplies and Equipment --The LARGEST ENTOMOLOGY STORE on the internet. Find entomology kits, equipment and supplies including butterfly and moth raring and breeding kits,livestock, supplies and equipment. Visit our sister companies at www.butterflystores.com, and www.texagenls.com for special offers that will save you money.
Ento Products include a selection of quality insect collecting supplies!Entomology Supplies for Insect Collectors of all ages. Insect collecting or the field of Entomology is one of those areas that still allows a child or adult the ...

Pressure Sterilizer, Electric, 25 Quart Capacity, PS25X $
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Pressure Steam Sterilizer, Electric, 25 Quart Capacity, PS25X. For economical sterilization of instruments, bacterialogical media, agar, molecular biological buffers and reagents, artificial insect diets. Sterilization takes appproximately 30 minutes at 121C at 15psi. ...more

Rearing Cup, 9oz (100 cups and lids), RC950 $
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9oz rearing cups/lids (100), Polypropylene, microwaveable, autoclavable, clear lid, use with 11cm filter paper (FP100) Excellent cup for rearing butterfly and moth larvae. ...more

Semiclear ™ Rearing Cups with Lids, 1 oz. - 250 cups/lids (RC100) $
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Ultraclear ™ Rearing Cups with Lids, 1oz. - 100 cups/lids (RC200) $
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Ultraclear ™ Polystyrene Rearing Cups with Lids, 1 oz. - 100 cups/lids ...more

Highland Rearing Cups with Lids, 8 oz. - 100 cups/lids (RC800) $
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Highland Rearing Cups with Lids, 8 oz. - 100 cups/lids, Lids with pre-drilled air holes; stackable ...more

Larvae Handling Brush, Pack of 5 (LB101) $
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Brush for the delicate work of handling larvae; pack of 5 ...more

Larvae Forceps (FC100) $
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Forceps - great for handling large larvae ...more

Pocket Magnifier (MG101) $
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Great for spotting eggs and small larvae ...more

Insect Killing Jar (KJ101) $
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Insect killing jar with plaster absorbant in jar, prevents discoloration of specimens ...more

Insect Killing Fluid - 30 ml bottle, (IC106) $
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Insect Killing Fluid,30 ml (Must ship FEDEX ground) ...more

Dissection Probe (FC101) $
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Probe - great for spreading butterflies ...more

Rearing Cup Filters, 11 cm, 100/box (FP100) $
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Circular filter, 11 cm, protects artificial diet from airborne microorganisms, provides pupation surface, and controls humidity in cup. Fits Highland 8 oz and Solo 9 oz rearing cups. ...more