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ENTOMOLOGY SUPPLIES, EQUIPMENT and KITS / Educational Science -The LARGEST Entomology STORE on the internet. Find entomology Sweep nets, lepidoptera nets, aerial nets and cages, Insect nets and cages, insect rearing sleeves, entomology kits and equipment and collecting supplies.

Butterfly Feeder, Flutterby, BUF100 $
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The Butterfly Feeder incorporates a simple lift off and fill system that ensures your butterflies will have a fresh supply of nectar. ...more

Butterfly Observation Cylinder with lid, OCY100 $
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Excellent for housing butterfly host plants, larvae and adults. The clear plastic cylinder has a 7 inch diameter and stands 27 inches tall, providing 360 degree classroom group viewing. Included in all Butterfly Farm growing kits. For photo of this product go to home page. ...more

Rearing Cup, 9oz (100 cups and lids), RC950 $
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9oz rearing cups/lids (100), Polypropylene, microwaveable, autoclavable, clear lid, use with 11cm filter paper (FP100) Excellent cup for rearing butterfly and moth larvae. ...more

Pocket Magnifier (MG101) $
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Great for spotting eggs and small larvae ...more

Insect Killing Fluid - 30 ml bottle, (IC106) $
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Insect Killing Fluid,30 ml (Must ship FEDEX ground) ...more

Insect Anesthetizing Jar (AJ101) $
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Dissection Probe (FC101) $
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Probe - great for spreading butterflies ...more

Pinning Forceps (FC102) $
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Forceps ...more

Rearing Cup Filters, 11 cm, 100/box (FP100) $
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Circular filter, 11 cm, protects artificial diet from airborne microorganisms, provides pupation surface, and controls humidity in cup. Fits Highland 8 oz and Solo 9 oz rearing cups. ...more