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Butterfly Art and Gifts.The LARGEST Buttterfly STORE on the internet! Find exquisite nature gifts including butterfly art, Riker mounts, display cases, exhibit cases, monarch chrysalides, milkweed plants and seeds, monarch butterflies and larvae, and butterfly nets & cages. Visit our sister sites at www.butterflystores.com and www.texagenls.com for special offers that will save you money.

Butterfly Feeder, Flutterby, BUF100 $
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The Butterfly Feeder incorporates a simple lift off and fill system that ensures your butterflies will have a fresh supply of nectar. ...more

Monarch Butterfly Curriculum Guide, grades 3-12, MCU103 $
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Monarch Butterfly Curriculum Guide, grades 3-12, 246 pages, includes lessons on the life cycle, ecology, conservation, migration and experiments. ...more

On The Wings of The Monarch, VHS, MV101, 19.95 $
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Monarch Migration Video, 47 min; VHS ...more

Swiss Nature Knife, Stainless Steel, NK100 $
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Swiss Nature Knife, Stainless Steel with seven functions. Contains can opener, knife, bottle opener, scissors, phillips head, flat head, cork screw, nail file. Includes gift box. NK100 ...more

The Butterfly King Video, VBK101 $
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The butterfly king video tells the story of a caterpillar, from its start as an egg to its transformation into a monarch butterfly; along the way the video's central character must overcome hazards ranging from predator spiders to menacing lawn equipment and pestacides; Mr. Larcheveque, the film maker, won a Fugi Film Award. ...more

The Case Of The Missing Monarchs CD-ROM, MCD102 $
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Students investigate the possible hypothesis as to the lack of abundance of the monarch butterflies. ...more

Optical Kit , Build your own telescope, microscope, or hand magnifier, (TS101) $
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Optical kit, "build your own" telescope, microscope or hand magnifier. ...more