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Attracting Butterflies - A Handbook For Butterfly Gardening By Ron Richael, BK003 $
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The goal of this Ron Richael book is to give you the knowledge to attract butterflies to your home. The top 11 nectar plants are presented with photos of butterflies on them. ...more

Butterflies Of Central Texas Field Guide, FGB1 $
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A Guide to Common and Notable Central Texas Butterfly Species The 12 page fan-folding waterproof field guide includes high resolution photos of all 85 species of Central Texas butterflies, and their larvae and host plants. ...more

Butterfly Identification Wheel, BW 100 (Temp. Out-of-Stock)
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Butterfly identification wheel featuring full-color photos of the 16 most common species in Texas. ...more

Field Guide to Birds of Central Texas, FGB5 $
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A Guide to Common and Notable Central Texas Bird Species The 12 page fan-folding waterproof field guide includes high resolution photos of all 120 species of Central Texas birds. ...more

Monarch Butterfly Lifecycle (Metamorphosis) Poster, 18-inches x 12-inches , MP100 $
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Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle (Metamorphosis) Poster, glossy, 18-inch x 12-inch. Each monarch stage photo has the lifecycle day and time stamped under the photo. ...more

Monarch Butterfly Curriculum Guide, grades 3-12, MCU103 $
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Monarch Butterfly Curriculum Guide, grades 3-12, 246 pages, includes lessons on the life cycle, ecology, conservation, migration and experiments. ...more

On The Wings of The Monarch, VHS, MV101, 19.95 $
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Monarch Migration Video, 47 min; VHS ...more

The Butterfly King Video, VBK101 $
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The butterfly king video tells the story of a caterpillar, from its start as an egg to its transformation into a monarch butterfly; along the way the video's central character must overcome hazards ranging from predator spiders to menacing lawn equipment and pestacides; Mr. Larcheveque, the film maker, won a Fugi Film Award. ...more

The Case Of The Missing Monarchs CD-ROM, MCD102 $
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Students investigate the possible hypothesis as to the lack of abundance of the monarch butterflies. ...more

The Family Butterfly Book (Paperback), BK002 $
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Everyone enjoys seeing butterflies flitting about on a warm summer day, but few people realize that many species are endangered. Without help, nine out of ten caterpillars won't survive long enough to become butterflies. The "grandfather of butterfly farming," Rick Mikula, wants to improve these odds. In The Family Butterfly Book, Rick shares his vast knowledge, contagious enthusiasm, and deep respect for these fascinating creatures. Though many of us know that caterpillars turn into butterflies, Rick explains the transformation from start to finish - egg to caterpillar to chrysallis to butterfly - and reveals where each stage can be found in the wilds of our own backyards. With stunning color photographs and detailed illustrations, Rick explains how to attract, safely catch and handle, and raise and support butterflies. He also discusses how to make irresistible habitats for butterflies and emphasizes the importance of basking sites, water sources, and shelter. Did you ever want to hand-feed a butterfly? Have a live-butterfly tree? Feature butterflies in special celebrations? Rick explains all that and more. Features many do-it-yourelf projects that can be completed for under $10 and 2 percent of net profits will be donated to Monarch Watch, butterfly survival fund.

176 pages; paper ...more

The World Of The Microscope Book, MB100 $
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This book covers different types of microscopes, from magnifying glasses to electron microscopes, and there are plenty of exciting suggestions for projects which reveal the incredible detail of everyday objects. ...more

Butterfly Farm Rearing and Breeding Manual (Monarch and Painted Lady) (BF10) $
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Comprehensive manual for rearing/breeding Monarch and Painted Lady butterflies. ...more