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Associate Breeder Program

Educational Science offers associate breeder opportunities. If you have got the breeding down, but not the marketingówe can help. Educational Science places wholesale orders with its associate breeders for a set number of livestock (painted lady, monarch, gulf fritillary larvae) for delivery on a specified date. If you have extra larvae that you would like to sell, simply call our livestock hot line at 1-800-299-6791. For more detailed information about this program, please call. If you reside east of the Rocky Mountains and have extra monarch, painted lady or gulf fritillary larvae or eggs that you would like to sell in bulk at wholesale pricing, please call.

We are currently seeking Western and Floridian breeders of monarchs to drop ship larvae to our western and Floridian customers. If you reside west of the Rocky Mountains or in Florida, breed healthy disease free monarch butterflies, and have extra monarch larvae that you can drop ship for Educational Science, please call.

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